Buy Back Program

Get $10 off your next Ollie + Squish order when you send in you gently worn Ollie + Squish clothing and swimwear!


I am so excited about this new buy back program.  It is the solution to so many problems:


1.  Kids outgrow stuff SO fast!  This program allows you to swap out your old swimsuit or knitwear for a bigger size in any new print or pattern for a fraction of the cost of a new item.  You will recieve $10 off a future purchase for returned Rashie Guards, Swim Trunks, and Knitwear. 


2.  Taking care of Mother Earth!  The fashion industry is one of the most detrimental to the environment.  The average American throws out about 82 lbs. of textile waste per year.  With kids sizing out of things so fast, it is hard not to contribute to this problem.  Sometimes things don’t even get worn before they’re too small.  This buy back program gives your gently worn clothing a second life.  


3. The Savings!  Now people who have been eyeing Ollie + Squish but were hesitant to buy one because of cost can purchase a Pre-Loved Suit for almost half the cost, without compromising any of the integrity or quality.  


How it Works:

Request your Pre-Postaged Buy Back Mailer.  This will be mailed to you at no cost, toss your old Ollie + Squish swimsuit or knit in, seal it up, and mail it out.  Once it is received you will be emailed a $10 off code. These codes can be used towards any new Ollie + Squish item.  Your pre-owned item will be sanitized, professionally cleaned, and mended (if needed) then relisted in our Pre-Loved section of the shop for fraction of the cost.  Giving it a new happy home.

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