Let's Chat About the Environment

 Here at Ollie + Squish, we love the outdoors just as much as our cannonball-jumping, lightning-bug-catching, tag-playing little ones.


So much so that we have vowed to do our part in protecting it. That’s because we know very well the detriment that occurs to our environment when fast fashion continues to be part of our consumerism world.

You may wonder… what exactly is fast fashion?


Fast fashion is the approach that there are 52 “micro-seasons” in a year, one for each week. More styles lead to more purchases, which lead to more waste created. These fast fashion chain stores offer cheap clothing at low prices but at a high cost to the environment and the workers who are paid poorly to make them.  


Slow fashion, on the other hand, is the deliberate choice to purchase better quality items less often, as well as choosing brands that design with environmental and ethical decisions in mind.


From the moment we opened our virtual doors at Ollie + Squish, we knew we wanted to be an eco-friendly brand.


Our clothing is hand-sewn and made to order, not mass-produced, and we buy back what no longer fits. Within the first year of life, a child grows through 5 different sizes. Our Buy-Back Program puts used clothing into new homes, ensuring that more clothing does not end up in landfills.


We also believe that materials matter. All our packaging is now 100% recycled/recyclable materials.


The best part about a good change? It often leads to more and more positive changes.


When we choose to only create and purchase with the environment in mind, it naturally carries over into other aspects of our lives.


Perhaps we are more likely to switch from plastic grocery bags to canvas bags, cut out single-use plastics, utilize reusable water bottles, and be more mindful of our food waste.


These are the small changes that lead to big differences.


As adults, we can all recall some special outdoor spot where we spent our summer days – grandma’s farm, that sandy beach with the purple and teal seashells, or the secret swimming hole where few were privy to its whereabouts.


Shouldn’t our children have the opportunity from the same carefree, sun-drenched days, free of trash and other pollutants?



In honor of slow fashion, the plastic-free July movement, and our genuine love for the outdoors, we invite you to join us in protecting these wild places.


We’ve created a fun checklist to help your littles get excited about reducing, reusing, and recycling, allowing them to have a special part too in protecting the environment that we love (plus it is an excellent reminder for us adults too!)


Here are two printable checklists for your little ones!



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