Hear us roar

From politics, to film, to our neighbors down the street.

It’s a time of fierce women.

From Michelle Obama proclaiming, “When they go low, we go high.” To women in film who speak out against long-silenced injustices. To our mothers, sisters, daughters, friends who link arms, make protest signs, and march for equality.

At Ollie & Squish, we too think it is important to stand for something we believe in. Especially when we know our business can play a part and help further the movement for a more inclusive world. 

That’s why we teamed up with a spectacular woman who is known for doing fierce things.

Lindsay Meyer-Harley is the woman behind Still We Rise, an Instagram-based community auction doing a world of good.

Lindsay started Still We Rise shortly after President Trump’s inauguration. She marched alongside other women, men, and children all over the world in order to speak out against a growing list of concerns – healthcare, environmental threats, hateful rhetoric, and a discrimination of women’s rights.

But Lindsay wanted to do more.

Inspired by her beliefs, she reached out to every brand, artist, designer, and shop owner she knew to ask for help, and the community answered. Donations poured in – and the non-profit, Instagram-based community auction was born.

Thus far, the auctions have generated well over $235,000 to support important organizations such as ACLU, Emily’s List, Everytown, Moms Demand Action, Planned Parenthood, NRDC, RAICES, SPLC, and Texas Civil Rights Project.

In addition to this, Lindsay is also the owner and curator of Darling Clementine, a children’s apparel shop, and is active in Pom Pom Social Club in Portland. But perhaps most importantly, Lindsay is also a mom.

We want to show our support for moms nearby and for those who have been separated at the border. For women’s rights across the globe. For better health care, a more inclusive community, and to keep our wild places wild.

As women, it can sometimes feel like the finish line keeps moving further and further away with every step forward that we take.

But when we join together for a cause, there is no limit to what we can accomplish.

For those who feel the same and want to do more, join us in supporting the organizations that are working hard to undo these injustices. Keep your eyes peeled on our Instagram @ollieandsquish and over at @_stillwerise, to learn how to bid for Ollie + Squish apparel, with all proceeds being donated to help shape a better future.

We are women. It’s time to hear us roar.

Artwork: @aleladiane

Above artwork by Alela Diane.


Cover artwork by Joya Logue, entitled "Children".

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