A roundup of our favorite parenting mags

If your New Years resolution includes reading more, or if you simply want to be prepared for your next snow day, check out our roundup of some of our favorite, not-so-typical parenting magazines.

Each is full of amazing designs, fresh perspectives, and creative ideas.

Whoever said print was dead?!

1. Hello Lunch Lady

 lunch lady magazine

(instagram: @hellolunchlady) | tap here for website

Hello Lunch Lady is an Australian-based magazine that is colorful, thoughtful and full-of-cheek. It’s loaded with inspiring stories, interviews, crafts, and recipes. It’s an honest and down-to-earth approach to parenting while also being a fun magazine for kids, too.

2. Illustoria

illustoria magazine

(@illustoria_mag) | website

Illustoria touts itself as a creative magazine for kids and their grownups, celebrating visual storytelling, makers and DIY culture. Packed with beautiful illustrations and ideas, this magazine is sure to get the creative juices flowing.


3. Little U

little u magazine

(@littleumag) | website

Little U is a Canadian based magazine and is like the offspring of its creators, Uppercase Magazine. Some of the reasons to love it: they love to celebrate real and messy lifestyles (no unrealistic expectations) and 10% of proceeds go to UNICEF to help children around the world.


4. Anorak

anorak magazine

(@anorakmag) | website

Anorak magazine strives to encourage children to tap into their imagination and creativity. All the magazines are printed on recycled paper and with real (vegetable) ink, with immersive colors and activities aimed at 6-12-year-olds. The magazines are meant to be collectibles that families can return to again and again.


5. Dot

dot magazine

(also @anorakmag) | website

Dot is the younger sibling magazine of Anorak aimed at pre-schoolers. It encompasses all aspects of a child’s life, from jumping in puddles to learning through play. It’s also available in Spanish versions as well!


What are your favorites? Did we miss any?

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