Au Revoir Summer

It’s okay that summer is ending 

With the long summer days coming to an end and those early school mornings taking over, we think it is the perfect time to pause and take note of the seasons. 

If you’re like us, you’ve likely had a very full summer. 

Sunny days at the pool, road trips visiting cousins, picnics with fresh watermelon, sandy beach trips and - let’s be honest - at times desperately searching for air conditioning, whether that entailed a midday movie viewing or dipping into a nearby art museum.



With days packed with little giggles and squeals of laughter, it has undoubtedly been fun, but let’s not kid ourselves, it can be a bit tiring too.

So, we wanted to share ways that we are recharging for the next season. (We need all the energy we can muster here, too, because at Ollie & Squish we can’t help but to look forward to what’s coming next - but more on that later!).

With Autumn just around the corner, there are so many fun activities and holidays to look forward to. But you need to take care of yourself first and eating chocolate alone in the bathroom doesn’t cut it.

Consider treating yourself to some of the things below and pat yourself on the back for a summer well spent.

  1. Treat yourself to a nice lunch at a place that doesn’t have kid’s options. Call up your friend that you’ve meant to catch up with and sit back and enjoy the conversation.
  2. Book a manicure and pedicure. Even if you aren’t a polish kind of person, it’s undoubtedly relaxing and you’ll feel better with healthy looking nails.
  3. Read a book for fun that serves no purpose other than it piques your interest. (Not another parenting book, you’re doing just fine.)
  4. Have a day at the park. Relax on your back, pack an al fresco lunch, and bring along that non-parenting book.
  5. Go for a real swim. It helps to relax your muscles as well as providing a gentle exercise to boost energy. It’ll be one of the only days where you won’t have to worry about who is hitting who with a pool noodle.
  6. When in doubt, nap. Has anyone ever complained about getting too much sleep? 

If you *still* feel a twinge of guilt when you wave goodbye to your little, remember that they are among friends, taking part in creative play, learning new things, and have most likely forgotten all about you by now.

Go on and take the time, you deserve it. 

In the meantime, keep your eyes peeled at this space and over on our Instagram @ollieandsquish, as we have some BIG news to announce for Autumn!

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